Javit Wellness is dedicated to helping you become happier and healthier by shifting your focus from surviving to thriving. Success comes from resolute concentration of time and energy on making positive change. What you appreciate, appreciates.

Javit Wellness is about going back to basics, acknowledging the importance of the DNA we have inherited from our ancestors. Our predecessors were not constantly rushed, stressed, and agitated in the same way we are today. They were not concerned about promoting and branding themselves--they were too busy trying to survive! Rather, they lived communally, ate unprocessed food, maintained strong social connections, were physically active during the day, and relaxed with sound sleep at night.


Javit Wellness is therefore about naturally turning back the hands of time by respecting these inherent traits that make us feel young and vivacious. When we start to feel biologically and functionally younger, it’s as if we’re drinking from our own self-created fountain of youth.

Finally, Javit Wellness incorporates balancing self-kindness with the realization that only you can take ultimate responsibility for your destiny. This principle, combined with self-reflection, will result in a better understanding of your needs and wishes. Insight will then be obtained which will enable you to skillfully navigate your life by determining what success, happiness, and purpose mean to you. Then you can become the architect of your ideal path: letting go of old habits that don't serve you well and replacing them with new ones that do.


Once you are living your thoughtfully crafted life, there is no longer failure, anxiety, or fear because you cannot fail at being your authentic self. You can fully enjoy life’s bounty because there is no longer a destination you feel compelled to reach. 

Javit Wellness is about positive transformation uniquely tailored to you.


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Growing up in suburban Connecticut during the 1960’s inspired my philosophy on well-being. Life back then was a more natural experience: my house surrounded by greenery, my food unprocessed, and my social interactions face-to-face. My free time was spent outdoors in nature, hiking in the woods with family and biking around the neighborhood with friends.

How different life is today!  Everybody seems busy, distracted, and stressed. Having experienced both of these contrasting lifestyles has made me realize how much more I embrace the ‘back to basics’ ideology. Therefore, I have now intentionally recreated my preferred lifestyle by pursuing frequent movement, maximal exposure to nature, periods of reflection and relaxation, and consumption of whole foods---even in New York City! The positive results from taking these actions have been immediate.


I attended Amherst College as an undergraduate followed by Cornell University Medical College. I have been a doctor for approximately 30 years, performing minimally invasive procedures at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Despite the fact that I could stop a patient's internal bleeding in as little as 30 minutes, I did not feel that performing procedures was my ultimate calling. Rather, I wanted to cultivate a closer relationship with my patients by relating to them on a more personal level as opposed to just treating their physical ailments. 

I also noticed how much of my patients’ care came after their disease process had become unmanageable and out of control. This was contrary to my preferred goal of proactively promoting health by initiating preventative measures. That is why I went to medical school in the first place: to facilitate health and wellness in others and not just be a disease manager. So I retired from traditional medicine in January 2017 and started a new practice focusing on health, wellness, and life satisfaction.


So what do I have to offer you to facilitate your own journey towards health and wellbeing? My first action after leaving medicine was to become a certified health and wellness coach from the Wellcoaches School of Coaching. I was attracted to this school because it teaches clients to find their ‘upward spiral’ by focusing on positive psychology and self-empowerment. 

Ultimately, the unique qualities that drive my practice do not come from the rigorous academic education that I was so fortunate to obtain. Rather, my true expertise comes from life experience: the challenges surmounted, the suffering healed, the heart opened, the mindfulness instituted, the practices invoked, and the strategies initiated. These are the key elements that have centered me on my own journey towards health and happiness.

Please join me on this joyful adventure!