Is this for you?

Do you typically feel overwhelmed and stressed? Not enough down time? Do you lack the energy at the end of the day to take care of yourself and others? Do you feel like you need the support of loved ones instead of being able to support them? Has it been too long since you’ve engaged in self-care? Do you even remember what self-care is? When people ask you, “how’s it going?” do you say today’s the “same old, same old” rather than “today is a great day to be alive“? Are you stressed out? Burnt out?  

If you answered “yes” to any of these, we need to fix this now!

Life is too short to have tomorrow be a boring repeat of yesterday. There is so much you can do to make your life a joyful experience, one that feels like the blessing it truly is. How do I know this? - Because I have lived this stressed out, ‘running on fumes’ life myself... until I decided not to tolerate it anymore. 

I knew there had to be a better way to live and I was determined to discover it and make it happen. I therefore made the decision that everything in my life was fair game for possible change. Anything that made me feel lousy was out and all that made me feel naturally happy was in.  I then went on a search for what these life-uplifting thoughts, actions, and behaviors were and instituted them immediately. I simply created the life that I wanted by changing my mindset and following through with appropriate action. Once in place, my life effortlessly went from an experience of surviving to one of thriving.  It’s really nice living here in this state of ‘thrivinghood’..... please come join me. There is no greater gift in life than loving every single minute of it. Happiness is a practice, not a given.



What results can you expect?

There are no limits to the results you can expect. Your results will depend on the focus, energy, and time you place on your own practice. The level of attention you place on your health, wellness and sense of purpose will determine your ultimate outcome.

Initially, we will work on stress reduction using breathing, awareness, reframing, and visualization techniques. Once your stress levels have been brought under control, we will focus on making small incremental changes in habits that will enhance your positive energy and vitality. We will explore the importance of healthy eating, increased physical activity, optimal sleep hygiene, and a regular practice of mindfulness and awareness. Finally, we will tap into your unlimited source of replenishment: love, creativity, self-kindness, empathy and your innate humanity. We will convert default, fear-based ruminations into unlimited faith in yourself.  With authenticity and self-confidence as your new state of being, you can naturally manifest your best self. That is why there are no limits to the results you can expect, because you yourself are unlimited.



What is my service and should you be interested?

The service I provide is a customized review of thoughts, habits, and behaviors in order to optimize life satisfaction. Working together as a team, we will improve work-life balance, eliminate self-imposed fears, and discover inner motivators to help you feel great and more confident  All significant facets of wellness will be evaluated including eating, movement, sleep hygiene, relaxation/reflection, finding meaning and purpose, and how to pursue your goals in a joyful manner.


Case study:

The best case study of the success of these practices is myself. After 30 years of being a physician, I was burnt out. The long hours, frequent call, unpredictable hospital emergencies, and loss of physician autonomy left me depleted. My professional life suffered, and so did my personal life. I was not the doctor, father, husband, and friend I wanted to be.

On the morning of January 25, 2015, I had a life-altering dream. My friends and colleagues were enjoying a pool party while I watched from a distance. As they splashed around in excitement, it made me realize how much I felt that life was passing me by. I decided in that moment that I must change my life. My first move was to rebalance: I needed to transition away from a medical career that had taught me so much but was no longer serving me. Since I've always been interested in proactively improving health rather than retroactively managing disease, I immediately became certified as a health and wellness coach. Then I began an introspective process to optimize my life as well as immersing myself in empowering workshops. Once I put my new education into practice, it was a game changer. I don’t even recognize my old self anymore. I now live with a feeling of abundance and vitality that I never knew I had. This all came about from making a difficult decision, committing myself fully, and taking the necessary action. And the best part is that it only took months to accomplish!

In that period of time, I went from being someone who sees the glass as ‘half empty’ to someone who sees the glass as overflowing.

Even though the story of your life may be quite different, it is the tried-and-true application of these universal practices that can be of great benefit to everyone. My job is simply to help you apply them in ways that resonate deeply and help you achieve your best self. Please note that change does not have to be so radical or dramatic in nature. In fact, most sustainable change is made in small incremental steps. 

I am living my dream simply because I designed it and then made it happen. You can do exactly the same. My journey has taught me many life-affirming lessons and practices that I now love to share with my clients. My greatest joy has now moved beyond my personal experience of these practices to watching my clients reap the rewards of their own efforts. Since this process is available to everyone, why not you?